Leavenworth Wedding for Chris & Ashlee at Pine River Ranch.

Leavenworth Wedding for Chris & Ashlee at Pine River Ranch. wedding photography

Lovers Pond - by Gavin Seim, 2011.

May 21st dawned well, but was not a perfect day. The drizzle started at around 1PM, just a few hours before Chris and Ashlee’s wedding, outdoors. But that didn’t stop the day from moving forward. And I wounder. What better irony for a wedding day than a reminder that things don’t always go as we plan.

Ashlee & Chris were a great couple and it was cool sharing the day with them and their family. You may have have seen the sneak peak video I posted from their wedding and if you really pay attention, you’ll even remember their engagement photos that we made last fall. Chris just graduated from med school and the two of them just moved to Arizona where he’s doing his internship. Exciting times and big changes in their new life.

The thing is it all turned out stunning. We moved inside and had a stunning ceremony under the warmth of incandescent lights and floating Chinese lanterns. In truth there were so many memorable images to chose from that I had to be particular in designing the album and in the end, Ashlee & Chris will be getting this beautifully bound storybook volume with all 38 of these double page spreads. I’ll also be making them one of my 36inch heirloom canvas of this first image and it will look stunning framed on the wall of their new apartment.

I’ve put a few more favorites below, but view the album below for whole story. You can also click the link below to see the complete proofs collection and order prints. Congrats Ashlee & Chris and don’t forget that while things don’t always go as planned, God is always a prayer away.

- See the Proof Gallery & Get Prints Here -

Chris & Ashlee… The Album. Press play to view.

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Leavenworth Wedding – Chris & Ashlee Sneak Peak.

What a fun wedding for Christopher and Ashlee on Saturday. It was down at Pine River Ranch near Leavenworth. Lots of memories made here. I made up one of my Fusion Video Slideshows with a sneak peak of the day. Stay tuned though because the complete collection is coming soon.

Wedding Photography at the Wenatchee Bridal Show

Saturday was the annual Bridal Premier in Wenatchee. I’ve been going for years and this season I joined forces with my friends Ben and Molly, from Nickles Photography. We connected our two spaces together to make a relaxed place to show our work from. I had the left side and Nickles the right. My wife was there too and we showed our latest wares, gave out information, water, chocolate and chatted with lots up coming brides.

In the middle we put my red sofa from the studio and set up a TV in front, where grooms (and us) could play video games. This was the party booth. Later in the afternoon we had the Seahawks game on. That was the most popular. Some of the brides were not so eager to let their men play video games with us, but once the game came on their was no stopping the people getting into it. I’m not a big sports person myself, but it was fun and everyone was really stoked that the Hawks won.

Wedding Photography at the Wenatchee Bridal Show wedding photography

The setup. We had two joined 10x10 spaces with the couch and TV in the center (photo by Nickles)

Wedding Photography at the Wenatchee Bridal Show wedding photography

Me and Ben Nickles and Tavis from Memory Montage, playing the PS3 (photo by Nickles).

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Ashlee & Chris | Engagement Portraits Photography in Wenatchee

Ashlee & Chris | Engagement Portraits Photography in Wenatchee wedding photography

Ashlee & Chris | Engagement Portraits Photography in Wenatchee wedding photography

What a fun evening. I’ll be photographing Ashlee and Chris’s wedding in May next year. Recently we met down in Wenatchee for a causal engagement session. We roamed around the downtown area and into the Riverfront park for one cool scene after another. Ashlee and Chris were great and the result of our little walk were some very natural portraits of a couple, simply being in Love.

A little story of me messing up though. I’m not great with names, but I know that’s not an acceptable excuse, so I’ve been forcing myself to improve. Well not today. We had been working for about twenty minutes, when I realized I had been calling Ashlee, Jessica. Oh ya, not even close. Jessica was a bride I had met with earlier that day. Newbee careless mistake. Ashlee took it well though and since then I’ve used her real name. She will defiantly be known as Ashlee from now on.

Engagement sessions are something I include for no extra charge with my weddings. Their great way to get better acquainted with my couples, get some great photographs and get them relaxed in front of the lens. By the time the wedding rolls around, I want them to be able to ignore the fact that the camera is nearby and just enjoy their day. After the session my wife and I went out to a photographers meet up in Leavenworth, ending a great evening with good food and colleagues. Here’s some favorites from A&C’s collection. Your comments welcome… Gav

Ashlee & Chris | Engagement Portraits Photography in Wenatchee wedding photography

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Fusion slideshow for Kelly & Steele’s Moses Lake Wedding.

I just posted Kelly & Steele’s wedding. I also made them one of my new Fusion sideshows to put on DVD. It’s the highlights of their wedding photos set to music, with little video clips from their day mixed in. I’m a photographer, not a videographer. But I love grabbing little tidbits of video throughout the day to bring my DVD presentations to life. These are a new experiment for me and so far people seem to love them… Gav