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Sneak Peak – Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B

Sneak Peak   Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B wedding photography

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing an awesome wedding for Jayme & Brandon. It was at the Highlander Golf Club in East Wenatchee and was a beautiful day. I work pretty often in the Wenatchee area and there’s always lots of potential. Wait till you see the views we had from the Highlander. Stunning. We even made it out on the Columbia River for some boating and Wakesurfing. I have some neat goodies in store for this wedding so stay tuned. Here’s just a couple teaser photo’s, but there’s lots more coming soon… Gav

Sneak Peak   Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B wedding photography

Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steele’s Moses Lake Wedding:

Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steeles Moses Lake Wedding: wedding photography

What a nice couple. Kelley and Steele are getting married soon at Hidden Meadow in Moses Lake. We had to put off their e-session for a little while because Steele had a run in with the ground at an MX race and broke a few bones. He’s back on the go again however and ready to go. (Just make sure you stay in one piece until wedding Steele ;).

Anyhow they came over to Ephrata a few days ago. After hanging out at my studio and chatting about their wedding, we went down to Oasis Park for some beautiful photos. Weather has been pretty wet lately, but it cleared up for their session and we had a beautiful evening. Here’s just a few of my favorites. I think their wedding is going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to being a part of it. Stay tuned… Gav

Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steeles Moses Lake Wedding: wedding photography

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Wedding Photo of the Week: Sparkles.

Wedding Photo of the Week: Sparkles. wedding photography

One of Gavin’s favorite photos from a past wedding and the story behind it:
As much as I love a the cinematic scenes I work hard to master at every wedding, I also love great candid moments and work just as hard to capture those. This is one of those moments. It’s from Oliver and Pamela’s 2006 wedding (that would have made me 21). The reception was at the country club in Moses lake and I remember Oliver being ready to leave with his new bride (smart man), look at that smile on his face.

I generally get a sparkler exit at least once a year and their always fun. This was actually my first however. Their not easy to capture. The problem is that in the darkness we generally need a flash, but too much flash and you lose the beauty, light and motion that’s happening. The key is to do what’s we call dragging the shutter, adding a burst of light from a flash to freeze the subjects, but keeping the shutter slow enough to capture the other light. Since I had never done this, I was using manual settings and pretty much going with my instincts.

For those who know what I’m talking about, this was captured at 1/25th second, f4.0, ISO1600. I generally become the director in these situations, having to place people in a way that works for the location and conditions in a very short time. The couple and guests were great however and gave me this result. There’s a lot of action here and while the expressions may not work for a traditional portrait, they tell the story of this couple leaving for their honeymoon in a way that little else could. I’ve made more sparkler images since, but this first still stands out in my mind  and it hangs on the wall of my studio to this day… Gav

Wedding Photography for Mike & Jessica. Cave B Estate

Wedding Photography for Mike & Jessica. Cave B Estate wedding photography

Mike & Jessica… The Album Slideshow.

- View Complete Proof Gallery Here -

A few weeks ago I had a great wedding for Mike and Jessica at Cave B Estate (near Ellensburg WA). I was joined by my buddy Matt, from Shumate Photography who helped out as my second shooter. Jess and Mike just couldn’t seem keep their hands off each other ;) so we kept on the go with lots of great moments.

Creation is awesome. The day started with some stunning distant clouds. About the time everyone was prepped it had started pouring down rain. While rain on a wedding day is not ideal, I was determined to make good use of it. Jessica needed to get to the main lobby to see Mike for the first look. I found her an umbrella and she and Gina ran from the getting ready room down to the main lobby. I ended up lying on the ground in the rain shooting like crazy and having a blast. My white slacks got wet and dirty and my camera got soaked (it’s still working) but the results made a great addition to their collection.

The rest of the day was no less successful. The rain stopped just before the ceremony started. Rain in this area is often quick and this was just perfect. It was cool but not cold and the clouds, now moving away made a breathtaking backdrop for their outdoor ceremony. We even snuck off for some evening shots of the Cave B bluffs around sunset. More of those in the album.

All in all the day was a huge success. Jess and Mike have returned from a great honeymoon in Costa Rica and were just in for their proofing. I’m stoked about their images and they loved them too. So much so that they had a hard time making the final decisions.  The album slideshow above tells the whole story and below you’ll find a link to the proof gallery for those of you that want to see the nearly 400 images and/or order prints. Enjoy… Gav

Wedding Photo of the Week: Lost Ring.

Wedding Photo of the Week: Lost Ring. wedding photography

Candid moments are still king. Those that know my style know I love bold cinematic scenes, but while the candid may not end as a large canvas on the wall, it’s no less valuable. This moment from Kristen and Neil’s wedding was probably one of my most priceless candid’s of 2009, but it needs a story.

This is. Stephanie (who also happens to be Kristin’s daughter). What you’re seeing behind her are the guests, and that shoulder on the right  (facing the correct direction) is her sister Karen. Rewind an hour or so to wedding preparations. Stephanie has charge of the ring and decides it would go best down the front of her dress as it’s out of her way yet accessible. Fair enough. Everyone gets a laugh and we move on.

Now return to present. The ceremony is in full swing. I’ve snuck around back of the Gazebo at Warm Springs in because I liked the lighting and I like capturing things from different angles. Fast forward a few minutes more. The vows are going smoothly, then Kristen reaches for the ring… Houston, we have a problem.

Stephanie panic’s because she has forgotten to take out said ring. She then whirls around to hunt it down while avoiding curious eyeballs and guess who’s there looking her right in the eye. My mind subconsciously leaps for joy. This is the kind of fleeting moment that a good photographer watches for like an eagle waiting for a fish. I just have a couple seconds to get it, but I’m ready, my camera is ready and I nail it, bringing in two or three frames before the moment ends.

None of this has gone unnoticed of course and everyone starts laughing, Kristen most of all. Someone from the crowd shouts out to me. ‘Did you get it”. “Yes I did” I shout back like a proud father, and I can say this. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thrilled to say  “I got it” than at this moment. It’s like that pivotal second when a hundred people decide if you’re just a photographer or if you’re a great photographer.

Stephanie did well, not only at making inadvertently making a priceless moment, but in taking part of the laughter that lasted throughout the day. Still I’ll wager the next time she’s a bridesmaid we’ll have the ring in hand before anyone sets foot in the isle and all you up and coming bridesmaids have been forewarned. Then again it’s not a bad thing to contribute a great moment… Gav