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Gavin’s Fusion Video for Jayme & Brandon | Wenatchchee Wedding Photography

I just posted Jayme & Brandon’s awesome wedding album. This is the Fusion slideshow. Put simply, it’s the highlights of their wedding photos set to music. The twist is that is has little video clips mixed in, bringing it to life. I’m not a wedding videographer. But I love what I was able to do to this story by adding a little bit of video.

Jayme & Brandon actually didn’t know I was making this, as it was a new offering for me. I just silently grabbed clips throughout the day, made this up, then surprised them when they came to the studio. We actually made a video of their reaction. Needless to say this is something I’m offering couples going forward. While it does not take away from a beautiful album or a wall portrait, it’s a great way to share the highlights of your day of a very memorable way… Gav

Wenatchee Wedding Photography at Highlander for Jayme & Brandon.

Wenatchee Wedding Photography at Highlander for Jayme & Brandon. wedding photography

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Jayme, Brandon and their family were great. This is one of those weddings that was a lot of work, but a real pleasure. From early morning to late evening and even a trash the dress session the following week. Jayme & Brandon were into it and that makes amazing things happen. This was one of those projects that makes me love my job because the couple was so in

It seemed we were all over the Wenatchee Valley taking photos (including the crazy cool wakeboard images on the river). The ceremony was at Highlander Golf Club, which was incredible. For a light fanatic like myself, it’s hard to beat the sweeping sunset view of the valley that we had from Highlander during the ceremony and reception.

Jayme & Brandon have 68 pages of memories in their album to go along with a stunning 36in canvas of the image above. I also surprised them with my new Fusion slideshow. I won’t explain it here, but if you know Jayme & Brandon well, you’ve probably already heard about it. You can see it as well the complete proof gallery via the links above. You can also order prints from the proof gallery. Here’s a slideshow of the printed album Jayme & Brandon will be receiving, as well as a few random favorites. Enjoy. I know I did.

Jayme & Brandon… The Album.

Wenatchee Wedding Photography at Highlander for Jayme & Brandon. wedding photography

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Sneak Peak – Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B

Sneak Peak   Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B wedding photography

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing an awesome wedding for Jayme & Brandon. It was at the Highlander Golf Club in East Wenatchee and was a beautiful day. I work pretty often in the Wenatchee area and there’s always lots of potential. Wait till you see the views we had from the Highlander. Stunning. We even made it out on the Columbia River for some boating and Wakesurfing. I have some neat goodies in store for this wedding so stay tuned. Here’s just a couple teaser photo’s, but there’s lots more coming soon… Gav

Sneak Peak   Wenatchee Wedding Photography for J&B wedding photography

Wedding Photo of the Week: Sparkles.

Wedding Photo of the Week: Sparkles. wedding photography

One of Gavin’s favorite photos from a past wedding and the story behind it:
As much as I love a the cinematic scenes I work hard to master at every wedding, I also love great candid moments and work just as hard to capture those. This is one of those moments. It’s from Oliver and Pamela’s 2006 wedding (that would have made me 21). The reception was at the country club in Moses lake and I remember Oliver being ready to leave with his new bride (smart man), look at that smile on his face.

I generally get a sparkler exit at least once a year and their always fun. This was actually my first however. Their not easy to capture. The problem is that in the darkness we generally need a flash, but too much flash and you lose the beauty, light and motion that’s happening. The key is to do what’s we call dragging the shutter, adding a burst of light from a flash to freeze the subjects, but keeping the shutter slow enough to capture the other light. Since I had never done this, I was using manual settings and pretty much going with my instincts.

For those who know what I’m talking about, this was captured at 1/25th second, f4.0, ISO1600. I generally become the director in these situations, having to place people in a way that works for the location and conditions in a very short time. The couple and guests were great however and gave me this result. There’s a lot of action here and while the expressions may not work for a traditional portrait, they tell the story of this couple leaving for their honeymoon in a way that little else could. I’ve made more sparkler images since, but this first still stands out in my mind  and it hangs on the wall of my studio to this day… Gav

Wedding Photography in Kent for Stacia & Clayton:

Wedding Photography in Kent for Stacia & Clayton: wedding photography

Stacia & Clayton… The Album.

Stacia is actually my cousin and it was an honor photographing her and Claton’s. It happened at my Aunt Sheryl’s house in Kent WA and the turned out beautifully. They even had this amazing tent that covered nearly the entire yard. Not a cheap vinyl tent, but the real deal, like something from a movie that you could use for an oasis in the dessert.

Towards evening I took Stacia & Clayton up to Druids Glen for some great sunset images with an amazing view of Mount Rainier. The results were beautiful and they’ll be getting a thirty inch canvas of that first image. Here’s some of my favorites, as well as a slideshow of their storybook album… Enjoy… Gav

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