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Gavin’s Fusion Video for Jayme & Brandon | Wenatchchee Wedding Photography

I just posted Jayme & Brandon’s awesome wedding album. This is the Fusion slideshow. Put simply, it’s the highlights of their wedding photos set to music. The twist is that is has little video clips mixed in, bringing it to life. I’m not a wedding videographer. But I love what I was able to do to this story by adding a little bit of video.

Jayme & Brandon actually didn’t know I was making this, as it was a new offering for me. I just silently grabbed clips throughout the day, made this up, then surprised them when they came to the studio. We actually made a video of their reaction. Needless to say this is something I’m offering couples going forward. While it does not take away from a beautiful album or a wall portrait, it’s a great way to share the highlights of your day of a very memorable way… Gav

The Wedding Highlights Reel 2010.

I like to start a new year of photos by looking back at the previous and showing off some favorites. This year I decided to start myself a new trend and do it with one of videos that are becoming so popular with my clients. You had some awesome weddings in 2009 and it was a pleasure being a part of your days. Here’s to super cool weddings in 2010. Enjoy and see you there… Gav

Greg & Jenny’s Wedding in Port Orchard WA:

Greg & Jennys Wedding in Port Orchard WA: wedding photography

Greg & Jenny… The Album.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding in Port Orchard. Greg & Jenny had a beautiful venue called Mccormick Woods. people had a great time and it was an honor being their photographer. They just got back from what I’m told was an amazing honeymoon and the photo are here.

Here’s some of my favorites, as well as a slidshow of their storybook album. Enjoy… Gav

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Nathanael & Brittni. Wedding Photography At Woodland Park Zoo.

Nathanael & Brittni. Wedding Photography At Woodland Park Zoo. wedding photography

Brittni & Nathanael… The Album.

Here’s recent wedding I Photographed for Nathanael and Brittni. It was a fun afternoon at Woodland Park Zoo and a very relaxed reception back at the hotel.

They were such a cute couple and I had a blast. There’s lots beautiful images from their day that will make great wall portraits. The animals and scenes at the zoo made the perfect backdrop for them.

It was fun being a part of the day with you all. Enjoy the slideshow of their album that brings the whole story together… Gav

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Wenatchee Wedding Photography for Brienne & Brandon

Wenatchee Wedding Photography for Brienne & Brandon wedding photography

Brienne & Brandon… The Album.

My latest wedding was in Wenatchee for Breienne and Brandon. It was a long day, but a fun time with plenty of amazing photos. The wedding was at Brie’s parents house which was a beautiful home near the river with a great yard for a wedding.

Late in the evening the Brie and Brandon and their entire bridal party jumped into the swimming pool, followed by just about everyone else. The dress got wet, but it will dry and the resulting images will be bring fun memories long after the dress is stored away. A few times I was actually in the pool almost to my neck with my camera inches above the water. Thankfully I didn’t slip and the results were well worth the extra effort.

Here’s a few favorites as well as a slideshow of their wedding album story. It came out beautifully and will look amazing when printed as a  double spread pages in their book… Enjoy… Gav.

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