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Fusion slideshow for Kelly & Steele’s Moses Lake Wedding.

I just posted Kelly & Steele’s wedding. I also made them one of my new Fusion sideshows to put on DVD. It’s the highlights of their wedding photos set to music, with little video clips from their day mixed in. I’m a photographer, not a videographer. But I love grabbing little tidbits of video throughout the day to bring my DVD presentations to life. These are a new experiment for me and so far people seem to love them… Gav

Beautiful Moses Lake Wedding at Hidden Meadow for Kelly & Steele.

Beautiful Moses Lake Wedding at Hidden Meadow for Kelly & Steele. wedding photography

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This was a neat wedding and I wanted to post it sooner. Kelly & Steele have been super busy however, so I held off so they could have some time to review. You may recall that I posted Kelly & Steel’s e-session a few months back (you can see it here). I was looking forward to the big day at Hidden Meadow. It’s this great venue outside of Moses Lake, but ironically this was my time there, so I was eager to take it on.

I was there early, even before the couple. That was OK because it gave me a chance to scope out the landscape. And what a beautiful landscape it was. It really is a hidden meadow. I’m driving down this gravel road in the Central WA desert thinking “this is a wedding venue”, when all the sudden there it was. Acres and acres or perfectly groomed oasis ready for a party.

The day went really well, as did the resulting photos. After the beautiful ceremony on the main lawn, we went right into a huge party with lots of good food and LOTS of dancing, including live music by Foolish Fortune. They did a really great job.

I love a real, non staged capture of the bouquet toss. Along with many other favorites, I think the Kelly’s bouquet (see below) is my all time favorite toss photo. It just really nailed the feeling. There’s so many I like though and it was hard to narrow them down for the album I designed for Kelly & Steele. You peek at their wedding album below, as well as a few other faves. Check out the links above for the complete collection as well as one of my new Fusion Slideshows of their day. Congratulations Kelly & Steele…. Gav

Kelly & Steele… The Album.

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Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steele’s Moses Lake Wedding:

Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steeles Moses Lake Wedding: wedding photography

What a nice couple. Kelley and Steele are getting married soon at Hidden Meadow in Moses Lake. We had to put off their e-session for a little while because Steele had a run in with the ground at an MX race and broke a few bones. He’s back on the go again however and ready to go. (Just make sure you stay in one piece until wedding Steele ;).

Anyhow they came over to Ephrata a few days ago. After hanging out at my studio and chatting about their wedding, we went down to Oasis Park for some beautiful photos. Weather has been pretty wet lately, but it cleared up for their session and we had a beautiful evening. Here’s just a few of my favorites. I think their wedding is going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to being a part of it. Stay tuned… Gav

Engagement Photography for Kelly & Steeles Moses Lake Wedding: wedding photography

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Wedding Photography in Kent for Stacia & Clayton:

Wedding Photography in Kent for Stacia & Clayton: wedding photography

Stacia & Clayton… The Album.

Stacia is actually my cousin and it was an honor photographing her and Claton’s. It happened at my Aunt Sheryl’s house in Kent WA and the turned out beautifully. They even had this amazing tent that covered nearly the entire yard. Not a cheap vinyl tent, but the real deal, like something from a movie that you could use for an oasis in the dessert.

Towards evening I took Stacia & Clayton up to Druids Glen for some great sunset images with an amazing view of Mount Rainier. The results were beautiful and they’ll be getting a thirty inch canvas of that first image. Here’s some of my favorites, as well as a slideshow of their storybook album… Enjoy… Gav

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