Weddings 2009 | Wentachee, Spokane & More

Weddings 2009 | Wentachee, Spokane & More wedding photography

I’m very excited about my 2009 weddings. My summer calender is filling up I’m shooting some really great weddings and locations all over Washington. Stay tune to the blog because I post images from every wedding.

I’ll be hitting some cool locations, like Woodland Park Zoo, Leavenworth, Cave B Inn, Spokane, Port Orchard and more, for what’s shaping up to be some really Amazing weddings.

I’ll also be using the new 5D MK II which is an incredible camera. I try not to put too much stock in what I shoot with, because in the end it’s not the gear but the experience behind it. Still it’s hard not be be excited. The images this camera makes are AMAZING!

I do still have some summer dates available. I’m also taking bookings for winter 09, and 2010. If your interested in booking wedding just get in touch.

See you at a wedding… Gav

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  1. 1 Angie

    Impressive imagery! Thanks for sharing.

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