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Gavin is a twenty six year old Portraitist, Pictorialist & Writer, based in Central Washington, where he owns a studio gallery that focuses on signature wall art, portraits and weddings. Gavin frequently takes his family and takes to the open road, working, exploring, searching for landscapes, and teaching photography workshops.

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Gavin with his wife Sondra, Son Cyrus and Daughter Ariana in 2010 while on a road tour.

“I’m Gavin: I’m passionate about making breathtaking images and about writing. There’s always something more to learn. It seems to me that the problem with photography is not education. It’s that we often think we’re too good to need it. If I can make images that only in part, portray the beauty of life and the wounder of God’s creation. I have succeeded.

I got serious about photography when I was around twelve. My work has come to be influenced by classical painted works from the Renaissance, thru to early America, the Hudson River School and into modern times and photographers like Ansel Adams Ken Whitmire and others.

I enjoy studying what’s worked for centuries, reading about and observing the works of master painters and legendary photographers. I like pushing the limits of what’s possible, but also studying how it relates to techniques that have stood the test of time.

I research and experiment, finding better ways to do things. Trying things. Sponging up information and attending educational events everywhere I can. I want to search the minds of my peers and absorb anything that can make me better at my craft.

I’m pretty fanatical about making images that are as good as they can be. Maybe too fanatical for some, but in a world where photographic images are a commodities, I feel the need to push myself to make something more.

I love digital and printing, but I’ve also developed a love for large format film. I like the gear and gadgets, but I’ve learned they don’t make a good image. They’re just tools and it’s how we use them that counts

I can be opinionated and sometimes stubborn, but it’s humbling what I’ve been allowed to do in my life. I’m blessed to have studied under some of the best photographers in the world and in recent years, have had the honor of speaking about photography and teaching what I know to others. I love talking about it, writing about it.

I like to make people laugh, I’m outgoing, a perfectionist and a bit of a showman. Some of my known projects include Pro Photo Show, a podcast and learning community for photographers. F164, my pictorials portfolio and my personal travel and image journal. And Seim Effects, my line of creative editing tools and tips for photographers.

I also love word craft outside of my educational writing and I’m working on a collection of fiction novels and stores with my younger brother Nathan. More about that on our writing site. Also you can learn more about my latest projects on my homepage.

Wedding Cost:

My wedding Collections start at $4700. All include full day coverage from preparation through reception. As well as post production and studio proofing. Digital file collections are also available. For detailed prices just email or call. I’ll be happy to chat further and send you a current packages list.

I am based in Central WA but enjoy seeing new places. I’m available for travel and destination weddings nearly anywhere. Weddings in Washington State and nearby borders incur no extra travel charges. Just contact me… Gav

Info wedding photography